Parque da Foz do Douro em destaque

O projeto do Parque da Foz do Douro, da autoria da professora Laura Costa em destaque na “World Landscape Architect”

The Foz do Douro Urban Park located in the west of Porto city. A  green area for public use inserted into an recently developed urban area, which has been progressively been built along the Atlantic seafront since the nineteenth century and the Park is part of an overall project submitted in the competition Nun’ Álvares Avenue Plan promoted by the Porto Municipality. This plan includes a set of design elements – a new avenue, streets, residential services areas and facilities (schools, pools, Metro, health care services), equipment deployment, historic centers rehabilitation, and green areas for public use.

O projeto da autoria Laura Roldão e Costa – Arquitetura Paisagista contou com a colaboração do ateliê do arquiteto António Paulo Marques, e os gabinetes de engenharia Geestrada, Ferreira Lemos, Gatangel, Cecília Rocha e CPA.

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