Defining active open and green spaces per capita using a mathematical modelling [6 Out]

No próximo dia 6 de Outubro, pelas 12h00 na sala AP0.4 do Polo II da ECAV, a arq.tª paisagista Basak Aytatli do Departamento de Arquitetura Paisagista da Faculdade de Arquitetura e Design da Universidade Atatürk, apresenta uma palestra sobre a modelação matemática do espaço exterior público na Turquia.

Ata Botanic Garden, Erzurum

Ata Botanic Garden, Erzurum

O trabalho foi desenvolvido no âmbito de uma tese de mestrado em arquitetura paisagista.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether the active open space per capita in city of Erzurum is adequate to people’s needs. Within this study, a questionnaire to the local residents was set up and conducted at the most occupied parks of the city. The results were processed using SPSS software and were discussed based on a mathematical model. Consequently, for this city,  the available active green space was determined to be 12m2, which has proved to be insufficient to respond to the demand and people’s needs. This work has led to a recommendations.

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