Urbanism (1136)

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Urbanism (1136)
Landscape Architecture | 6th semester | 4 ECTS

It’s general objective of curricular unit the understanding of evolution of urbanism throughout history and be able to rationalize the use of urban space on a sustainably and ecologically healthy way. Are specific objectives: apprehension of the importance of the urban phenomenon; apprehension of the practice of urbanism over time; knowledge of the practice of urbanism in Portugal; knowledge of current trends in the practice of urbanism; knowledge of the legal framework of the practice of urbanism in Portugal; knowledge of the landscape architect’s role in urban planning.

  • 6th semester | 4 ECTS | 52,5 theory-practical contact hours
  • Syllabus: The town: History file; History of cities. Fundamental types of cities: the city in antiquity; the medieval town; the city in the Renaissance; the city in the Baroque period; the city during the industrial period. Expansion of urbanism: urbanism as formal historical process; urbanism as a process of scientific-technical rationality; urbanism as a process of social transformation; the modern urbanism. Examples. The practice of urbanism; methods; the scales, areas of intervention and instruments; the urban and regional planning; the Portuguese situation. Legislation, programs and trends. The future of urbanism. Urban ecology.
  • Teaching/learning methodology: Display tutorials lessons with audio-visual methods; Tutorial classes and discussion of the individual work; Seminar with presentation, discussion and defence of work.