Drawing skills and artistic expression I (3014)

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Drawing skills and artistic expression I (3014)
Arts | 1st semester | 7 ECTS

Technical Drawing aims to develop in the students, competences to abstract and synthetize, centering in the representation analysis, throughout orthographic projections, sections and axonometric perspective of tridimensional shapes, solids and architectural elements, in different scales, which presuppose the knowledge of a representative system of spatial forms and structures.

  • 1st semester | 7 ECTS | 75 studio contact hours
  • Syllabus: Objectives; kinds of technical drawing; European standards; drawing material and applications; graphic elements; lines – line types and thickness; record and files; folding of drawings; drawing legends and add annotations. Orthographic projections: standard arrangements: European and American methods; representation of the principal orthographic projection; meaning of the lines and surfaces; auxiliary projections; hidden lines; methods to facilitate the projections reading. Cross-section cuts and sections: definitions and scope; setting; drawing and reference of cuts and sections; draw of hidden lines in cuts; draw sections. Filling and hatch; partial cuts; displaced and riveted sections. Quick perspective: scope; rider perspective; axonometric perspective: trimetric, dimetric, isometric; perspective of curves; perspective of circle; crossing-cuts in perspective; exploded perspective. Reference marks: reference marks of the plans, elevations, cuts and perspectives. Practical work.
  • Teaching/learning methodology: Theoretical contents presentation and discussion. Resolution of practical technical drawing exercises (orthographic projections, cuts, sections, axonometric perspective of tridimensional models) in the classroom. Final test is for evaluation of all the subject-matter of technical drawing. A practical work will allow an Architectural Design introduction.