Introduction to Landscape Design and Theory (3015)

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Introduction to Landscape Design and Theory (3015)
Landscape Architecture | 1st semester | 8 ECTS

Presenting the fundamental principles of LA, identifying the scope of work, at different scales and in different social, cultural, economic, ecological and landscape; in different physical and biophysical conditions. Establish the relationships on landscape architecture profession and complementary professions. LA in the national and international reporting on the main references.
Presenting a design methodology through the different stages – characterization, context analysis and Concept; Establishment of a proposal programme (the main strategies and spacial functions) and key concepts, establishment spatial organization and structural elements, definition of a proposal designed to a small Garden , establishing the principles of formal composition and functional space, establishing the design constraints and informed by the potential of context, and addressing the primary objectives of the project. Recognize and apply methods of representation and presentation of the project.

  • 1st semester | 8 ECTS | 30 theory contact hours | 45 studio contact hours
  • Syllabus: Landscape architecture: nature, man and art; landscape and natural resources; climate; soil and water; plants; the terrain and the landscape; social and psychological factors in landscape architecture; the design project; landscape planning. The methodology and design steps; the small-scale garden design: functional and formal concept; characterization and analysis of middle scale places; the functional and formal program; the zoning; the formal and functional design of a garden; representation and design presentation.