Drawing skills and artistic expression II (3017)

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Drawing skills and artistic expression II (3017)
Arts | 2nd semester | 7 ECTS

Understanding the importance of free-hand drawing skills and technical as a tool for l.a.. Acquire visual language, graphic and aesthetic sensitivity by drawing learning, developing graphical personality. Acquire and improve the ability of observation, representation and knowledge of physical realities in the drawing act, dominating the support tools and registration and the conical perspective. Mastering different representation models by free hand drawing skills and technical drawing. Surveying and accurate graphic reproduction parts/existing spaces, using the content and technical standards. developing skills in the use of tools and imaging techniques in digital 2D and 3D graphic environment. Make the final presentation of the product, reviewed and printed.

  • 2nd semester | 7 ECTS | 75 studio contact hours
  • Syllabus: Drawing as a means of observing and recording representation as a product of l.a design. Basic elements of the design language; The decomposition of pure geometry into complex shapes. Conical perspective; Other depth indicators. Proportion. The human scale and other scale references. The image composition. Interior and exterior design “in situ” and “ex situ” the different approaches, from closed elements to a large scale, the landscape panoramic. Technical drawing. Plan representation, cuts at different scales. Representation of axonometric drawings. The design computer environment. The two- and three-dimensional design and photo-montage in the digital environment as a recording assist the project. Graphic design as a way to communicate and inform visually an idea. Formats. Use of colour. Lettering. Graphic styles. Composition between elements.
  • Teaching/learning methodology: Design of teaching is done in a workshop environment / studio, with introductory sessions theoretical and practical application targeted by the teacher. Also part of the work in class the Freehand Drawing “in situ” and ex situ. “The Drawings of implementing different realities, scales and places, looking for different views and time controlled. Survey and representation of real spaces, for detailed technical drawing. drawing computer environment. the design work is transposed into hours of study outside the classroom, instilling the daily practice, and discussed their progress in class.