Vegetation and Planting Design I (3023)

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Vegetation and Planting Design I (3023)
Landscape Architecture | 4th semester | 6 ECTS

The main objective is to identify and characterize the plants used in the composition of green space from a botanical point of view and their aesthetic and functional characteristics in order to be applied in landscape design. Also to know the sociology and geography of the vegetation of Portugal and the Atlantic Islands.

  • 4th semester | 6 ECTS | 52,5 theory-practical contact hours
  • Syllabus: Bio-climatology and vegetation ecology; concepts of sociology and geography of vegetation; structure and dynamics of vegetation; characterization of plant cover of Portugal and the Atlantic Islands. Plant Identification: natural and exotic vegetation in the composition of urban and peri-urban green spaces: aesthetic and functional aspects. Trees, shrubs and ground cover plants, grass, seasonal flowers and creepers. Identification of fragile plant conditions and the factors that contribute to the symptomatology frames of decline.Planting design.
  • Teaching/learning methodology: The methodology adopted is based on the encouragement of active participation in student teaching-learning process, especially focused in field learning. In addition to the classroom where the teacher conveys fundamental and theoretical knowledge required for decision-making on the protection of urban forest against harmful agents, students are encouraged to participate in critical analysis through individual or group of concrete case studies and/or scientific articles. The developed methodological activities are combined, simultaneously or sequentially, giving the student the opportunity to understand and analyse the subject from many angles.