Vegetation and Planting Design II (3024)

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Vegetation and Planting Design II (3024)
Landscape Architecture | 4th semester | 6 ECTS

Continuing to learn the identification of vegetation used in the design of green spaces, concerning the botanical point of view and their aesthetic and functional design skills in the landscape. Acquiring the necessary knowledge to the selection, use and maintenance of plant material.

  • 4th semester | 6 ECTS | 52,5 theory-practical contact hours
  • Syllabus: The role of vegetation in territory planning and in landscape design. Characterization of vegetation in Portugal and Atlantic Islands (Atlantic Landscapes, Atlantic flora and riparian, Mediterranean Landscapes; Silicicole and calcicole Mediterranean flora; Dune and rupicole flora). Native and exotic vegetation of ornamental value (aesthetic/ornamental and functional aspects). Plants for restoration of degraded habitats and for sensitive and riparian areas. Plants for landscape hedgerows and support of wildlife. Plants for low maintenance/ management green spaces. Season Plants. Ornamentals Bulbous. Indoor plants.
  • Teaching/learning methodology: Expository teaching; Practical and applied field teaching; tutorial teaching