Introduction to Landscape Planning (3031)

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Introduction to Landscape Planning (3031)
Landscape Architecture | 5th semester | 7 ECTS

To capacitate graduates in Landscape Architecture for intervention in planning processes of the territory, in its various levels, integrating multidisciplinary teams, knowing the processes, the contents, and the layouts (based on the legislation underpinning the planning policies in Portugal and Europe). To learn how to deal with landscape issues in the context of planning, but also to gain a holistic view of spatial planning, by integrating environmental issues and natural resources, economic activities in general, including agricultural and forestry, regional development, integrating the participation of the people.

  • 5th semester | 7 ECTS | 22,5 theory-practical contact hours | 45 studio contact hours
  • Syllabus: The evolution of planning theories and land management. Relationship between land use planning and landscapes planning. The biophysics / Environmental component in the land use planning process. The Portuguese and European legislation related with Land use planning. The land use planning systems in Portugal. The analysis of different scales land uses planning processes. The role of the landscape architect in the planning process and land management. The Public participation as an important aspect of the planning process. Future trends in the evolution of Landscape/Land use planning.
  • Teaching/learning methodology: The methodology is based on descriptive classes (e.g. in in terms of the evolution of land use planning theories, legislation associated with the planning, etc), but also on an individual research by students. Practical exercises are developed for the application of theoretical concepts covering the different scales of analysis. These practical works are carried out in groups. Talks by outside elements, but with strong experience in land use planning are also planned.