Landscape Design I (775I)

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Landscape Design I (775I)
Landscape Architecture | 2st semester | 8 ECTS

Introduction to the basic language of landscape. Introduction landscape Planning and Design at middle and large scale. To develop skills of analysis and interpretation of landscape, specifically the physical components associated with the land form.
To develop the ability to decompose the landscape into its systems and do synthesis and zoning.

  • 2st semester | 8 ECTS | 22,5 theory contact hours | 45 studio contact hours
  • Syllabus: Revision of basic concepts: Nature, environment, ecology, ecosystem and landscape, specially focused onto the evolution of the concept of landscape architecture as a discipline. The components, factors, systems and processes of landscape: the land-form and micro-climate; the hydrologic system and the hydrography; the biodiversity, the vegetation, its functions, natural succession and the models of spatial organization with vegetation; analysis, evaluation and interpretation of landscape: principles and rules of spatial organization, use and potential, occupation models; perceptual analysis of the view-shed; the action of time, clime and micro-climate. The cultural and natural values. The identity and landscape character. The genius loci.
  • Teaching/learning methodology: A more discussion and debate oriented theory class, onto the theoretical and practical concepts of the landscape architecture analysis and interpretation. The practical classes follow the model of design studio. Both demand for a active learning and continuous participation towards the discussion and research.