Landscape Design II (775II)

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Landscape Design II (775II)
Landscape Architecture | 3rd semester | 9 ECTS

Landscape Design II is defined as the exercise of Garden Family House. It is an exercise in the private area, where the student is required to reflect the lifestyles and everyday contemporary living in a dwelling. Defined in real space, the area of intervention is contextualized through characterization and analysis work where the socio cultural aspects, landscaped environment, the local and particular physical context are focused. The contextualization of the exercise is crucial to the conceptual development. Based on reflection between the formal design and the constraints and opportunities of the place for an informed design. in addition are introduced technical aspects. The course aims to develop a conceptual capacity within the small-scale project using the design methodologies and design principles in landscape architecture.

  • 3rd semester | 9 ECTS | 90 studio contact hours
  • Syllabus: Methodology in Landscape Architecture design; Program design; Characterization and Analysis of the general to the particular; Definition and zoning of the main functional units and defining strategies of spatial organization; Concept / Theme of Conception; Development conceptual drawing; Designing with microclimate; Designing with d terrain modeling; Designing with vegetation;Plans Technicians altimetry and Modelling Land, vegetation, Building Materials; Representation and project presentation; Written memory design; Panels, and multimedia presentation.
  • Teaching/learning methodology: Step by step, the student goes through the methodological process that familiar with the practices and design methodologies in landscape architecture.