Landscape Design III (775III)

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Landscape Design III (775III)
Landscape Architecture | 4th semester | 9 ECTS

To develop own conceptual approach methodologies and project approaches with special emphasis in ground modeling and planting technique; to develop design project approaches that integrate the principles of sustainability, with special attention to the aspects of ecology and social framework. To develop the use different technologies of representation in computer applied to landscape architecture project. Students should develop projects with different levels of difficulty and in different places developing an work of research, analysis and implementation of proposals, giving at this stage particular emphasis on technical and aesthetic aspects related to the land form design.

  • 4th semester | 9 ECTS | 90 studio contact hours
  • Syllabus: The overall theme of the project will be the garden in semi-public or public space of small to medium-sized dimension. During the semester students are invited to explore different concepts of shape to the spaces with particular emphasis on land form design at different scales. The application of vegetation in urban space exploring their seasonal dynamic and the functions of vegetation in soil stabilization are aspects explored in the realization of the project. Students develop an exercise whose level of detail is the equivalent of detailing Master Plan. The presentation is in A1 panel format which requires the handling of several computer programs not only for the development of the project as to their editing.
  • Teaching/learning methodology: Throughout the classes students develop different stages of working in the studio: Field work; Analyses and synthesis; Program development; Development of proposal; Evaluation and discussion; Review and development of new proposals. Are also performed exterior classes where students deepen field survey techniques and analysis of place. Oral presentations are made at various stages of evolution of the project allowing students to learn how to make them. Professors have developed tutorials classes with students and the main objective is to help students find their own methods of conceiving to develop projects.