Landscape Design IV (775IV)

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Landscape Design IV (775IV)
Landscape Architecture | 5th semester | 9 ECTS

The course aims to development the conceptual aspects of design, stimulating creativity and the research of contents. The development of the ability to design public outdoor spaces (small to medium scale), considering their conceptual composition, in line with ecological, aesthetic and functional principles. Awareness of the design process and notion of the responsibility within the design decisions. Awareness of the urban landscape design as a social activity and the response to the users’ needs and preferences.

  • 5th semester | 9 ECTS | 90 studio contact hours
  • Syllabus: The role of the landscape architect in the design of public open space. The public park as a urban landscape architecture – contemporary paradigms. The Urban Park project: Analysis and Preliminary Studies of Place, conceptual aspects related to the land form, vegetation and materials in the open space. The playground design and other recreational areas in the city. The desing of the plaza for the user needs. Key elements in an execution project of landscape architecture – Tendering specifications: The Nature and Quality of Materials, General Technical Conditions, Special Technical Conditions: Preparation of the construction works; Pre-works Protection measures; Land-form, Irrigation, Drainage; Paving, walls, stairs, guides, retaining walls, ponds and lakes, vegetation covering, recreational equipment, outdoor furniture and lighting. Descriptive Memory (function, organization, objectives, contents).
  • Teaching/learning methodology: Studio with oral communications. Model: Design Factory. The design production also integrates the field survey techniques, the data collection and application of behaviour mapping and interview methods, site analysis, and the synthesis of a design programme; as well as the negotiation process by undertaking tutorial discussion sessions and design presentation.