International Conference

“Landscape, Connectivity and Well-being”


7 march 2016, LabPaisagem, Guimarães, PT

10h00 Sessão de Abertura
– UTAD Rector
– UM Rector
– President of the Munitipality of Guimarães

10h30 – “Imagining Greenways: Making sense of Homogeneity and Heterogeneity”, by John Burley (Michigan State University)
11h10 – “Parks and Green Cities: How about people´s needs and preferences?”, by Frederico Meireles Rodrigues (UTAD)
12h00 – “Greenstructure and biodiversity in compact cities: The case of Porto”, by Paulo Farinha Marques (FCUP)
12h40 Discussion

13h00 Lunch break

14h35 – “Sustainable landacape urbanism – German State Garden Festivals in urban design”, by Karl Ludwig (Nürtingen-Geislingen University)
15h15 – “Symbolic Landscape and the alternative nature-culture relation”, by Ana Francisca Silva (UM)
12h40 Discussion

16h00 Break

16h20 – “Creixomil floodplain: the last 20 years of its history – strategies, actions and expectations”, by Filipe Fontes (Guimarães Municipality)
17h00 “The Landscape Laboratory as a catalyst of a Greener Guimarães”, by Carlos Ribeiro (Landscape Laboratory)
17h40 Discussion and round table with all participants. Moderator: Luís Loures (UTAD)

18h30 Closing Session

20h00 Free dinner